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CBD Stick Tincture – A Successful Experiment


The Sisters began running experiments three months ago.

We took the sticks that were the byproduct from cleaning our tea and used them as a base for a tincture.  Then we lab tested the results.  Here’s what we got.

Our regular strength two-ounce bottle of CBD tincture has 500 mg of CBD.  We make that from plant material that has had all the sticks and hard bits pulled out.  The two-ounce tincture made from the sticks gave 300 mg of CBD.

Price per milligram of plant-based CBD tincture:  $0.17

Price per milligram of stick-based CBD tincture:   $0.13

The first photo is of the raw plant harvested from a nearby organic hemp farm, and it is how the plant looks when we receive it to shred it to be the key ingredient in all our products.  It is used in our tea, in our topical salves and in our tinctures. 

cannabis flowers

Once we are done taking out the sticks and the hard bits, separating plant from stick, the stick bin looks like the bowl on the left.

cannabis sticks and plant separately

Once we have the plant all cleaned, it looks more like this:

clean plant
cannabis plant and sticks

The Sisters couldn’t have been happier with the results of our experiment.  All these years, we have been burning the sticks in the fire or using it to add to our compost to enrich the soil, not knowing that we were tossing medicine to the winds.

Now our customers have a low-cost option for purchasing CBD.  See the price comparison chart below.

stick tincture pricing
cannabis plant in a bowl

More importantly, look at how rich the tincture is in the various compounds the tinctures and teas have:

stick tincture and tea diagram

You knew about the CBD and the THC, but CBD, CBC, and the other compounds that are present in the plant should inspire you, like me, to do more studying.

cannabis compounds

Click here to see the Hazel Moon test results of September 2020, which include a wide arrange of tests to prove purity. The Holly Moon test proves potency consistency.

bottle of stick tincture

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