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CBD Plus Gelcap: CBDa and CBGa added


The Story

As scientists were scurrying everywhere to find a solution to the pandemic, the hemp plant became a subject of study.  Suddenly, the infection-fighting potential of raw hemp compounds was worthy of laboratory study.   

When the news hit the airwaves in February that the raw compounds of the cannabis plant have the evidential potential for fighting infection, people asked for comment and the Sisters would say, “We already knew from experience that raw plant had special healing qualities different from the activated compounds, but we are ever-so-happy that science is confirming and quantifying.”

Since the Sisterhood began in early 2015, the women have been giving away hemp seeds and encouraging others everywhere to grow and experiment.  Over the years, the women have shared their stories. 

One woman explained how she developed headaches from putting fresh shoots from the cannabis plant in her salads over a period of a few months.  She discovered that her eyesight had improved, and her prescription had to be adjusted.  Another woman shared the story of putting her brother on daily smoothies with raw cannabis plant and his stage 4 liver cancer went away.  Another woman chased away her breast cancer by juicing raw cannabis.  In California, it’s not uncommon when faced with serious illness, for people to go raw in diet and the cannabis plant isn’t an exception.

Not everyone has a garden to troll for fresh shoots.  Not everyone lives on the west coast or in Canada or Mexico, where there is plant freedom.  Not everyone has access to fresh plants and certainly, those of us who do aren’t very interested in eating raw cannabis.  It is far easier and more reliable dosage-wise to take a gelcap than troll the garden for fresh shoots or try to make raw bud edible.  A month after the studies came out, we were having discussions with our lab partner in Colorado.

How do we get the raw plant medicine and the cooked plant medicine into one gelcap?

Dexter’s Lab had a solution.  This link leads to the test results showing potency and proof that the gelcaps are clean and green. These two charts show a side-by-side comparison of CBD Plus versus the standard CBD gelcaps the Sisters offer:

The chart below shows the same information consolidated.

As you can see by studying the charts, there is medicine in the plant that was not being captured, heretofore.  The Sisters proudly introduce a manner for people to easily ingest the raw and the cooked plant medicine in one place. 

The science of the cannabis plant so far is in its early history, but in broad strokes, relates the following applications:

  • CBD relieves physical pain and anxiety, and sometimes has curative results
  • CBG vasodilator, anti-carcinogen, neuro-protectorant, anti-bacterial
  • CBDa is effective in treating nausea, diabetes, and in promoting heart health
  • CBGa combined with CBDa fights infection

The Sisters take the two gelcaps together to make a powerful sleeping pill, natural, and with no side effects.  They recommend that people who have challenged immune systems or are suffering from chronic pain or nervous system disorders try the combination, as well.  For those who are taking a gelcap daily for health maintenance, then they might consider switching to CBD Plus, which has less CBD, but is a more rounded cocktail of medicine. There is much yet to learn, but the Sisters are encouraged by the findings and delighted to have the new offering on their store shelves.

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