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How to Flavor Hemp (CBD+) Oil


We can’t start talking about the taste of the hemp flower oil, without first clarifying the different kinds of oils.  Tinctures are not oils.  The whole cannabis industry has confused the two terms and made that mix-up, sadly, the new normal.  Every store with hemp products calls their oils, tinctures, and no matter how many times I stop to correct people, it’s clear no one cares.  If it has a dropper, it is called a tincture.  But that’s a lie.

Tincture means that the medicine was drawn from the plant using alcohol and the liquid alcohol that results is the tincture.  Putting oil in a bottle and calling it tincture is just grammatically inaccurate.  Now that I got that off my chest, let’s discuss oils.

There are basically two types of oil:  pure plant oil and infused oils.

Pure plant oil is exactly what the name implies.  There are no additives or other ingredients added to the mix.  Through cold water distraction or alcohol extraction techniques, the pure medicinal oil of the plant is extracted.

Oils that are in a bottle with a dropper are unlikely to be pure plant oil, as the pure plant oil is generally thick and gooey.  Since I’ve made dozens of batches of pure plant oil in my life, I’ve naturally tasted it and it isn’t something I would ever acquire a taste for.  One of our dear Sisters, however, suffering from fybro-myalgia, puts a big glob right in her mouth every night, as it helps with her pain tremendously.

Infused oils are what you find in a dropper, if there is no alcohol.  Our infused oils have a liquid coconut oil base, but we know that olive oil also makes a good base.  We began with olive oil and with liquid vegetable oil, but found the coconut oil was best at absorbing the medicinal compounds.  

Ways to Make Pure Plant Oil Taste Better
If you use the infused oils, they are usually very mild in flavor and easy to drop on the tongue.  There is no need to mess with the flavor.  But if you are using homemade pure plant oil, then you certainly will want to do something for your poor palette.


Mix it in your Food and Drink 

Most people who take pure plant oil spread it on a cracker or between two thin pieces of chocolate.  That works, but makes dosing rather inexact.  We developed our gelcaps and oils, precisely declaring milligrams of CBD and other compounds, to take away the mystery and guessing.  So that dosage can be precise.


Add Essential Oils 

If you aren’t allergic to essential oils, they can be added.  We use blood orange extract in our CBD and CBD Plus oil drops, and we use lavender or mint in our topical salves.  Some essential oils carry their own health enhancing benefits.

The sisters add four ounces of blood orange oil to a batch of 440 ounces of CBD-infused full-spectrum plant medicine in a liquid coconut oil base.  The three ingredients then are liquid coconut oil (the base), hemp medicine (extracted into the coconut oil) and blood orange for flavoring.

We don’t recommend mixing any essential oils with the pure plant oil.  It is better to pull a dose of the black, tarry, substance and add it to food so that the medicine doesn’t become contaminated in any way while it sits with foreign oils or additives.

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