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The Lockdown Survey: How Do We Deal with Coronavirus Anxiety


The survey says… our tribe is faring farely well.

I woke at six a.m. this morning to begin analyzing the results of our full moon Covid survey in order to share them with you today, my geek gift to you, this Mother’s Day of May, 2020.

If you haven’t taken our Covid-19 lockdown survey, you may do so right here because I will continue to collect responses until I have a larger sample size. It’s a simple ten-question survey that takes an average of four minutes to complete. And, when you are done, we kind of have a picture of what’s happening to our tribe. One hundred twenty-five people responded. That’s enough to draw a picture of what’s happening to our tribe, Covid-wise.


From the 125 respondents (our initial sample survey size), more than 4 of 5 respondents are living in places with lockdown orders in effect. The various answers from those who said neither ‘yes’, nor ‘no’, seem to indicate that everyone is living some form of lockdown, some on hard lockdown, some on soft-lockdown, some essential workers living with those on lockdown. It is also interesting that it seems a good number of people who answered don’t know their legal lockdown situation and are just locking down to be safe or protect others (the curve flattening thing is working without law enforcement ushering folks home).


More than half of our respondents are on lockdown with others (54%), while approximately one in four who answered the survey are locked down alone (26%). Twelve percent of the respondents are essential workers and, thus, not locked down. Unlocked up (?)


Sixty-one percent (nearly 2 of 3) respondents have received lockdown assistance from their governments.


Approximately 70% of the respondents received stimulus checks (as of May 8th, 2020) and 12% received or will receive unemployment. 3.2% received low-interest loans.


When eighty percent of the people of our enclave are collecting unemployment, but twelve percent of our respondents indicate they are collecting unemployment, either everyone is working or people just don’t know how to go about dealing with our government agencies. I suspect some of the people who aren’t getting help don’t need the help (like my son who makes a lot of money), and that’s fine, but it is sad if people in need aren’t getting it because they don’t know how to not take no for an answer.

Sister Mary Ellen: Sister Kate, I tried to file for unemployment and they wouldn’t let me.

Sister Kate: When did you do that, Sister Mary Ellen?

Sister Mary Ellen: Sunday afternoon.

Sister Kate: Right, when 30 million other Americans were trying to file? You try at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning, and then let me know.

Sister Mary Ellen: Yes, Sister.

Brother Nix: Sister Kate, I know you said I could file for unemployment, but I can’t, because I’m self-employed.

Sister Kate: Oh for f****’s sake. You don’t want the free government money while you can’t run your small business? Did you get wealthy while I wasn’t looking, Brother? 

Brother Nix: No, Sister, (kicking stones with toe of shoes), I just…

Sister Kate: You just go in there again, say you are unemployed, say you worked for your business, and go through it like that’s your money. You know that is your money, right? You pay taxes, right, Brother?

Brother Nix: Yes, Sister.

Sister Mary Ellen and Brother Nix got their government assistance for tough COVID-times. And Sister Kate didn’t hear from them again.

Some of the comments made it very clear that people are confused. I tell my folks that if they want that money, they have to show the universe and get up early, try more than once, never take no for an answer. Eight of eight people who applied for unemployment are getting it. The business qualified and got a payroll protection loan from the SBA.

If you worked 4th quarter 2019 and paid taxes, and you worked 1st quarter 2020 and paid taxes, you should be getting unemployment unless you are wealthy and if you are wealthy, you don’t need the help.


Question 5: How has the lockdown changed my daily work life?

This is a bad question, or my choices weren’t good. With half the respondents replying ‘other’, I had to count and format the comments resulting from the ‘other’ category to see where the tribe sits, workwise.

Approximately 1/5th ‘no change, already working from home’. Approximately 1/5th retired, approximately 1/5th working, 15% on furlough (approximately 1/6th), 8% home with the kids (1/12th), and ten percent includes overworked and underworked health care professionals, caretakers and students.


Question 6: Measuring Transience – Has the lockdown changed your living situation?

Nearly 82% of the respondents said ‘no change’ in living situation. That’s good. We have seen people coming and going from our place, seeking refuge, seeking solace, and we wondered if it was happening elsewhere. The comments reek with separation sadness, “I can’t visit my girlfriend”, “I can’t see my grandkids”, but otherwise, this respondent group has food and shelter, it seems.


Question 7: What do you do with your extra time?

4 of 10 people, according to our small survey, are investing more time in meal planning and cooking, more time in prayer and spirituality, more time cleaning and organizing, and more time sleeping and resting. This is the healing of mind-body-soul going on here, you know, right?

I know I pray more when certain sisters are cooking.

I certainly pray more loudly when it is time to clean and organize, kind of like this, “Mother Goddess, don’t let me kill the people who mess this up when I’m done.”

The comments that came with Question 7 were like the people they represent. Varied and contrasty.

From words of hope: life is fair, hang in there, words that make us smile. To words of despair, that call us to prayer… “severe depression… creatively frozen”. Most of the words, however, reflect what we are doing here… more time gardening, yoga practice, sewing, knitting, reading, writing, praying, making things, fixing things.


Question 9: If you believe in magic fairies, what would you ask them to bring you right now?

The highest-scoring category (no pun intended) was the ‘ounce of good weed’ answer to the question of what you would have your magic fairy bring you right now.


Question 10: Have you developed any new routines since lockdown happened?

The good news is that 45% of the respondents day they implemented healthier habits and only 15% say they adopted some unhealthy habits. 18% they are sleeping better, but 21% say that sleep is harder for them to come by.

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Here is a link to our favorite song, May All Mothers Know That They Are Loved (Circle of Women).

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