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How to Become a Sister


Many people reach out to us and ask to join us. People ask to visit, work, become a sister, etc. and until now, we really had no system for fielding these requests other than telling folks to go read our blogs and if the message connects, send us an email telling us about yourself. Those emails have accumulated in a folder in Sister Kate’s Gmail account for more than five years. The folder is called ‘Women of Interest’, even though she puts everyone there, men, women, and the non-binary.

We have recently realized the need for a system that will allow us to know who our followers are and communicate with them to take our movement to the next level. To that end, I have created a questionnaire form with questions that will allow us to properly vet those who express interest. Before we share the link to the form (which we will at the end of this article), I want to make sure that people understand what it means to be a sister.

We are serious women on a serious mission and although that is our slogan, it is also the foundation of our work.

We are not here to entertain, we are here to do serious work that impacts and changes the world around us. We are combating the patriarchy and systems that create injustice in our society and world. This is very serious work. We have had women and men join us in the past who were here for the ‘hollywood factor’ and this was to our detriment. They ended up resenting us when everything was not fun and games all the time. We enjoy our lives and work but it is very hard to be a weed nun. We are constantly battling those who were put in our path by the Goddess to test us. We have a whole team of lawyers that are constantly battling those who are working to slander us and discredit our holy work. It is rather exhausting.

We live a specific way of life because of this and those who want to join us need to understand. We do not speak to each other in the early hours of the morning, we do not play music or create unnecessary noise. We are respectful of those who work around us and try to aid the serious atmosphere with our silence. We are all working and focusing on important tasks that require all of our attention and we do not have the time and energy to dodge irrelevant noises and distractions. We do not greet each other whenever we pass someone; we simply walk with our heads down and with complete focus on our thoughts. If we need to interrupt someone to ask a question, we do it with the utmost respect by noticing when is a good time and when is not. This takes a certain amount of emotional intelligence to feel the atmosphere and interject yourself in a respectful manner.

We simply do not have time or energy to engage or entertain anyone who is not providing obvious usefulness to the enclave and the operation as a whole. If you are not providing any skills or contributing to our way of life you are simply a nuisance and your actions will be called out.

We do not waste words, we use our words very carefully and strongly. We do not have time for formalities and small talk we need to say what we need to convey in a succinct manner. If you are not engaging your brain and your heart before talking we will let you know. We do not believe in ignoring ignorance; if we hear ‘stupid’, we call out ‘stupid’. If we disagree with something someone says or does, we let them know right away in order to avoid time wasted or issues in the future. We must all contribute our thoughts and feelings in order to evolve our work.

In the past we have been guilty of loving too hard and too easily. We grow to love those who join us and that has caused us to be blind to their actions resulting in harm being caused to the business and the sisterhood. We no longer tolerate any red flag behavior and any behavior that seems wrong is reported right away. If you come to cause trouble your stay will not last very long.

We are serious and strong because that is what is needed to heal the world. The days of kumbaya circles are over. We are on the brink of facisism and we need to act fast to repair the world that we have spent centuries destroying. Though we are strong, we are secondly healers and firstly women. Women are tender and this tenderness is our strength when used wisely. We are tender when we work with the Goddess, make medicine, work with the community, raise children, take care of loved ones. Anyone who joins us must have a calling to our way of life.

We are all working towards our personal bliss and we are aiding each other on our path towards bliss through service and purpose-driven lives.

One thing we have realized — through trial and error — is that the type of people we have around changes the energy and vibration of the enclave. If we have cranky old women around, then everyone is constantly having to listen to whining and complaining. This sucks our energy and lowers the vibration of the enclave. We are very protective over the energy that we invite into our space and this is why we are being more strict about who we allow into our ranks. It takes a ripple to make a wave, we strive to make ripples that are beneficial to our values and goals.

If our way of life is of interest to you please fill out the interest form and you will be contacted if your entry is compelling and sparks our attention. We strive for excellence in all things and that begins with the people we march with:

Outreach Form

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