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What Are CBN Capsules For?


CBN capsules have been formulated for sleep. These capsules contain ⅔ CBD, so while the capsule serves as a sleeping aid, it also provides all the anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties that CBD alone provides.
Scientists learned, during the pandemic, when the world was suddenly taking all alternative forms of medicine seriously, that the combination of CBD, plus CBN, plus trace amounts of THC are the perfect combination for inducing drowsiness.

How to Use CBN Capsules

Take one gelcap twenty minutes before retiring.  If the desired effect is not achieved, take two.  The most wonderful thing about these capsules as sleeping pills is that there is no morning after drowsiness, if a normal dose is taken.  A person suffering from pain and a desperate need to sleep may take three or four or even five gelcaps to deal with pain and to get sleep, but that person will feel a lingering drowsiness.  Normal doses do not cause next-day drowsiness.

When Should I Take CBN Capsules?

Only take these before retiring at night or if bed-ridden and sleep is rather the point.

Why Take CBN Capsules?

CBN is actually produced naturally from dried aged THC.  As grapes, turned into wine and aged, will taste differently at the different stages of aging, cannabis provides different medicine as it ages.

Are CBN Gelcaps Vegetarian or Vegan Friendly?

All of the Sisters’ gelcaps are vegan, with casings made from vegetable oil.  The contents of the gelcaps have a liquid coconut oil base that has had the medicine of the cannabis plant baked into it.

Are CBN Gelcaps Safe During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?

We know that the medicinal compounds of the cannabis plant are safe for young people, old people, pets and farm animals.  But the FDA has not caught up with science, yet, so we are restricted from making such claims.  In fact, they make us caution pregnant and breastfeeding women to consult with their doctors, which we think is good advice in an overall sense, but such consultations should not be rooted in fear of the plant’s medicinal compounds being harmful.  There is no evidence of harm to a fetus, infant, child, or mother.

What combination of products are best for consistently good sleep?

The Sisters all highly recommend the mood-stabilizing mushroom coffee.  It’s not a quick fix like the CBN gelcaps, but people report an improvement in sleep after introducing this morning brew to their diet.  It is the functional mushrooms that take root, over time, and help stabilize the mood and the sleep comes easier.

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