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How to Reduce Anxiety & Elevate Your Mood The Magical Powers of Mushroom Coffee


Watching a group of avid coffee drinkers transition to a morning brew infused with functional mushrooms is nothing short of witnessing a beautiful transformation. This metamorphosis, born out of necessity during the tumultuous times of the pandemic, has led us to discover a remedy that not only invigorates the body but also nurtures the soul.

It all began during the early days of the pandemic when one of our esteemed Sisters, a former Franciscan nun with seventeen years of service, experienced a crisis of faith and identity, stole a car, and ran away.  

It was sixty days into the lockdown, when we learned that she and the car were gone.  

Our name was on the car she stole.  Our credit was at risk.  The air was thick with the unsaid words of the expense involved in tracking her down and recovering the car.  If money didn’t matter, we would have happily let her have the car, just so we wouldn’t have to give the situation more thought.

We concluded that though CBD is good for physical pain and handles anxiety for some, it clearly wasn’t enough in the face of ramped up pandemic anxiety.  We concluded that while CBD treats pain and anxiety, we needed something that would prevent it entirely.  Cure the anxious thoughts, rather than quiet them.

Thus began our pandemic passion project—a quest to explore the world of functional mushrooms and roots, and their impact on mood and well-being. Through meticulous experimentation and taste tests akin to royal tea ceremonies, we crafted eight recipes, with one emerging as the clear favorite, time after time. Each sip became a ritual, a moment of solace in uncertain times.

Nuns making mushroom coffee

Once we made our first production batch, we all began using it daily.  And the true magic of our mushroom coffee revealed itself gradually. 

Some noticed immediate changes, while others, like myself, required a prolonged period of daily consumption to appreciate its benefits fully. Over time, we observed a collective shift—a newfound resilience, a groundedness and inner peace amidst the chaos engulfing the world.

We found that, over time, we were better, all of us, individually and as a group – better at leaning into troubles over procrastinating.  Leaning into tough jobs, rather than away from them.  We found that we were acknowledging behavioral red flags before they caused distress and dealing with them calmly, but certainly.  I saw many good changes in the sisterhood as a result of the mood-stabilizing ingredients in that coffee.  I saw resilience built and tested.  I saw brain clarity and focus put to smart use.  I saw procrastinators, stop procrastinating.  There’s definitely something in those mushrooms and roots.


In contemplating the widespread adoption of mushroom coffee, I’m struck by the disparity between its myriad health benefits and its limited availability in mainstream establishments. Unlike traditional coffee, which can be addictive and detrimental in excess, mushroom coffee offers a host of advantages without the drawbacks. 

Twenty Health Benefits of our Super 17 Mushroom Coffee

  1. Antioxidant  
  2. Anti-fungal 
  3. Anti-anxiety
  4. Anti-bacterial
  5. Anti-inflammatory
  6. Alleviates depression
  7. Aids in weight loss
  8. Improves heart health
  9. Improves the immune system 
  10. Improves cholesterol levels 
  11. Improves stomach health 
  12. Improves skin and teeth health 
  13. Improves brain health, focus & clarity 
  14. Improves sleep
  15. Improves lung health and diminishes symptoms of asthma
  16. Neuro-protective
  17. Pain relief
  18. Reduces the risk of cancer
  19. Regulates blood sugar levels
  20. Reduces high blood pressure

Despite its potential to revolutionize our daily routines, mushroom coffee remains confined to niche markets and progressive wellness circles. Why aren’t universities, offices, and healthcare facilities embracing this transformative brew with the same fervor as conventional coffee? The answer eludes me, but the evidence of its efficacy is undeniable.

With each testimonial from satisfied customers, we’re reminded of the profound impact of our work. From alleviating chronic pain to fostering emotional resilience, mushroom coffee has become our tool for navigating life’s challenges with grace and fortitude. As the world grows ever more complex, it’s reassuring to know that Mother Nature has provided us with the simple tools we need to thrive.

Embrace the wisdom of nature and savor the transformative potential of mushroom coffee. As we raise our cups in solidarity, may we find strength, clarity, and healing in every sip.

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