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Ayurvedic Medicine And Our Alliance With India


Many years ago, we implemented a news aggregation service that costs us more than a full-time employee and makes us sometimes refer to it as our ‘news aggravation’ service because it sometimes delivers up aggravating news. And even though we have been through periods of severe economic struggle, and even though it is very expensive, we’ve managed to hold on to it. This is a service used by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Snoop Dog to keep track of the global conversation about them – it’s a way to keep your finger on the pulse of your brand.

From Hawking To A New Business Relationship

In the middle of the summer of the pandemic, our news aggregation service told us that someone in India was hawking our products. I found that strange, not being aware of us shipping wholesale to that country.

I made a few queries, determined that no one else on the team had awareness of products being shipped wholesale to India, not Brother Matt in England, not Sister Sophia who runs the wholesale division. So I did what I normally do when I see someone going rogue with our brand or our logo, I sent a terse email to the store (info@address) and told them to please cease and desist selling our products, that they are not registered or approved to be doing so and suggested that they might be unlawful operators. I’m not sure exactly what I said, but I got a quick response from Vinesh saying ‘Wow, a bit aggressive for a group of nuns’. And I shot back a quick response to him saying “Damn straight, we are always aggressive in protecting what is ours.” And that, my dear friends, was the beginning of what would turn out to be a very warm and wonderful business relationship. Maybe it’s too early to write the ending, but so far, it’s been amazing. For us, it’s been a learning journey.

Sisters’ Products Test India Market

It turns out that our products were not being sold at all, but rather, what I saw was a market test to see how well the Sisters’ products would do in India. A market test that was so successful, it drove a series of zoom conferences between me and Vinesh and various industry leaders (or wannabe’s) in his country.

A few months later, we signed an agreement with Dr. Deepti, a colleague of Vinesh’s, a doctor, a scientist, an herbalist, and one of the first in India to get licensed to work with the cannabis plant.

Ayurvedic Medicine Explained By Dr. Deepti

Whenever I speak with the good doctor, I feel woefully inadequate as a representative of plant-based medicine, as she is a well of knowledge and a bright soul, willing to share what she knows. She is an expert in and manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurveda is defined as science of life and its origin, as explained in various ancient text, is described in coherence with the existence of the Universe,” Doctor Deepti explains. 

“Universal existence is manifested in this world in the form of Purush and Prakriti. Purush, the male, is described as an equilibrium of mind, body and soul, while the Prakriti (female) is the nature, the creative potential. It is the will of nature to manifest creation.”

Doctor Deepti goes on to explain that “Prakriti is further represented by its three fault lines called doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Everything in the universe has a composition of these three fault-lines so do humans and the plants. Ayurveda understands these fault-lines and provides a solution to balance the Purusha (mind, body and soul).”

Ayurvedic Ancient Technique

The Sisters’ medicine made here in California, like ancient Ayurvedic medicine, requires that the grounds and the buildings be sacred and clean. The Sisters’ medicine made here in California, like ancient Ayurvedic medicine, requires a prayerful environment.

Dr. Deepti uses Yuvati preparation as an example to describe her ancient technique:

Take our infused Yuvate preparation, for example. It has three herbs – Vijaya (Cannabis), Shatavari (Asparagus and Turmeric). Shatavari is the most feministic and energetic herb, while Vijaya is the queen of herbs mentioned among the top six herbs mentioned in ancient text. Female, or Prakriti, is represented as Creator while Turmeric is the enchanting herb. All these herbs are plucked from the wild, collected, sorted and approved. Once it enters our laboratory, hymns are sung to energize the atmosphere before beginning the infusion process.

Dr. Deepti continues to explain the Aruveydic processes followed by the women in her shop:

Shatavari and Turmeric are washed, drained, and soaked overnight in 16 times clean distilled water. The next morning, the complete mix is boiled on a low flame until ¼ of water remains. This solution is filtered and the oil is mixed in at a desired ratio. Again this water-oil mixture is heated until all water has evaporated. Thus the oil is infused with all polar and non-polar phytochemicals present in the herbs. Later, the precise desired amount of Vijaya extract is mixed to the infusion to complete the batch production of Yuvati.

A similar process is carried out for MANASI as well, however, the decoction stored overnight is in transparent glass Jars which are kept in moonlight which is cooling and relaxing. 

Ayurvedic Balms / Marhams have a special significance in treatment of various conditions. There are 9 broad categories of balms. Soumya Balms for SOTV comes under beautification balm /skin therapy. Infusions are mentioned earlier are first prepared followed by adding beeswax and Vijaya extract. All herbs used possess profound skin therapeutics and have been used in several clinical trials. 

Because India has made all medicine from the cannabis plant legal through licensed pharmaceutical companies, and because our dear Dr. Deepti has such licensing, she did the ancient wisdom smart thing to do and created two tinctures and a topical salve that benefit female health using all the medicine (we call it ‘full spectrum’) from that divine plant.

Visit the Store in India:

Ayurvedic Female Adaptogen

She developed one tincture, an Ayurvedic female adaptogen, called Yuvati. It is made from Shatavari and Turmeric roots, combining that medicine with THC and CBD from the cannabis plant and together naturally rejuvenate the female reproduction system, is health boosting for women of all ages, and has known to extend its health benefits to men. (Female plants are like that, very inclusive.)

bottle of ayurvedic female adaptogen
Yuvati formulation chart

Ayurvedic Female Relaxant

The second tincture she developed for the Sisters of India is called Manasi, an Ayurvedic female relaxant. This tincture is made from Jatamansi and Brami, infused, again, with cannabis. Both Jatamansi and Brami are feminine herbs by Ayurvedic nomenclature (Sanskrit) and represent tridoshic properties. Jatamansi is considered relaxing and cooling, while Brahmi is a brain tonic excellent for memory and improved peripheral circulation. Again, Dr. Deepti and the Sisters are focused on female health, but all that is made here and in India, will help the men as well.

bottle of Ayurvedic Female Relaxant manasi
manasi relaxant table

Ayurvedic Skin Rejuvenating Balm

The third medicine aimed specifically at the needs of women that Dr. Deepti and her team developed is a topical salve, a balm, ‘la crema’, is called Soumya and is similar to our best-selling topical salve, but better. The name of this balm is Soumya, and in addition to containing a 1:1 balance of CBD and THC plant medicine (like the tinctures described above), it contains manjistha, licorice, vetiver and lotus. You can read more about these ingredients in the chart that follows, but understand that all of these compounds come together to help heal, whiten and preserve the skin. 

Ayurvedic Skin Rejuvenating Balm jar
Soumya salve table

Commerce Builds Enclaves

With Vinesh and Dr. Deepti, we take our first steps into the marketplace of a great country – a country that was making sacred herbal medicine long before America was a gleam in the eye of the Universe.

The Sisters are very honored to be included in the pioneering work that Dr. Deepti and her team are doing. We are happy to be working with Brother Vinesh, as he facilitates getting the products to the people. First, we do commerce. Then the commerce will support the women who build the Sister’s first abbey in India.

The medicine sold under our brand in India result in funds being tithed to the sisters here in California. In this way, the work we do globally is supported – the work we do connecting wise women of all cultures, facilitating business and property ownership for women, careers and choices for women, freedom from financial burden for women, because when you lift up the women, all of society is lifted up. 

Sisters’ Products For India

The products discussed herein can only be sold in India. Exporting these medicines would result in risk of criminal prosecution. The presence of THC makes is so. But India is a big country. So we expect this operation to be very successful. And the Sisters here in California are planning to work to catch up and make something similar here, something without THC that can travel safely and legally.

We are super proud and super happy to have a superior line of products under the Sisters’ label in a country where the intelligent, collaborative, cooperative medicine of the cannabis plant is respected and to be doing it with Dr. Deepti and Brother Vinesh is a blessing.

If you are in India, shop here.

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