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CBD For Pets: How To Give


Cannabis has long been medicinal for pets.

I remember that long before prohibition, my Uncle could get cannabis for his horses on his horse farm, even though he was in Wisconsin. They called it something else and it came from a prescription drug company, but it was quite legal for him to give it to his horses. If he took it himself, he would go to jail.

He thought that was ironic and everyone knowing I was unapologetic about my cannabis use, whispered this information to me at a picnic with family members in the 80’s.

When speaking about cannabis in those days, everyone whispered.

What Changed With The CBD For Pets Approach

Decades later, in California running a 420 collective, I visited a woman who a local doctor asked me to see. He said she was terribly nervous and high-strung and that pharmaceuticals weren’t doing it for her; they seemed to make her worse. The doctor asked me to kindly pay her a visit and explain about cannabis alternatives.

After I got home from visiting the woman, I called the doctor and explained that I didn’t give her any medications, but I medicated the hell out of her yappy, whiney dog and by getting her dog to settle down, she calmed down. The doctor didn’t even know she had a yappy whiney nervous dog. (The valuable thing about house calls . . . )

Our guidepost to what we do and don’t do is based on the answer to the question ‘what would our ancient mothers do?’

We do not believe our ancient mothers kept two jars of cannabis on the shelf, one for pets and one for people. We believe that they had one her jar marked ‘cannabis’ and they used the plant to make a variety of healing concoctions for people and their pets. For tribesmen and their animals.


CBD Oil Or CBD Tincture For Pets?

We recommend to people with pets to have both the alcohol-based tincture on hand (to interrupt seizures) and to use the CBD-infused oil (liquid coconut oil base) for daily dosage.

The latter tastes better and can be squirted directly on their food. If the animal is very sick, we recommend using a pin to prick the gelcap and let the pure plant oil drip over the pet’s food.

All products are 100% natural plant-based medicine, so if you take it yourself, there are no objections to giving these CBD for pets as well.

Determine The Right Dosage Of CBD For Pets?

Whatever dosage you would give yourself, figure out the weight of your pet as a percentage of your weight, and then fit the dosage appropriately.

If you take 60 mg a day to heal from a cold or flu, and your pet is in healing mode, and if your pet is 10% your weight, that would 6 mg a day for the pet to heal. If your daily health maintenance dose is 25 mg and your pet is ½ your weight, then your pet’s dosage is 12.5 mg a day.

Factor two things in determining milligrams of CBD to give your pet:

  1. Pet’s weight
  2. The nature of the desired outcome (healing or health maintenance)

If you don’t take CBD and you have no idea, then experiment. Start small and go bigger in dosage until you start to get the desired effects.

Small pets weighing a few ounces to a few pounds, we will start at 20 mg of CBD for healing and 10 mg a day for health maintenance.

Larger pets, cows, horses, big dogs, we will start at 60 to 120 mg a day for healing, and half that for health maintenance.

That’s a general guideline. It’s all very experimental and we are not recommending you replace your vet visits with CBD. Continue to see your vet if your animal is having health troubles.

Most veterinarians are more familiar with the health benefits of cannabis than doctors.

If you have a particularly nervous or anxious dog, you might need THC. I remember meeting a woman in line, years ago, to see a doctor to get her medicinal cannabis card (before it was legal for adults in California) who confessed to me that she was only getting her card to get medicine for her dog.

I loved that.

Here she was, putting herself on a list that we didn’t know was safe to do at the time, for her pet. In California and a growing number of places, getting THC for your pets is no longer a crime. If you are in a place where THC is still illegal, CBD can be effective in controlling raw nerves, but you might have to take more than you would if you had THC.

We have had many reports from people that our topical salve has healed chronic sores on pets, or allowed hair to grow back on bald spots, so we know our followers are being experimental when it comes to the CBD plant and their pets.

I hope this has been helpful…

And you will know a little more about how to give CBD for pets now.

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