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Our Fellowship Program and the Book of the New Beguines


For over six years, we have had to put people off, hem and haw, and dance around the most frequently asked question, ‘how do I join you’? Finally, we have a complete and definitive answer to that: Join our Fellowship Program.

Nearly a third of our followers are in the industry and will never need to buy our CBD, because they grow their own plants, make their own medicines, but it is the people of our industry who are most willing to support us. When asked ‘how can I make a donation?’, we have to say, sorry, we are not those nuns. We don’t take donations. We earn our way by selling our tea, tincture, and salve. That’s not extremely helpful to the people who have no need of our products but wish to support us in some way . . . to help us in some way. We have been scolded for struggling financially without soliciting donations. We don’t want to beg for alms. We are a new age sisterhood and if we can’t earn our way, we don’t want to play.

sisters reading at the table

On the other hand, the business of supporting ourselves in a newly-deregulating industry is a challenge and we have big dreams. For the past year, the sisters have been plotting and planning for the launch of a fair value exchange. And today is launch day. Welcome to the fellowship program where our followers pay approximately one dollar per week ($4.99 per month) to support the sisters, and the sisters give them back some powerful and valuable things.

What kind of things?

For starters, our newly completed, fresh-off-the-press, twenty-four months in the making, Book of the New Beguines, which contains our customs, practices, prayers, songs, beliefs, and readings from our inception in 2015 through 2018. As soon as the year 2018 closed, we began working on the book that would be published every four years, containing four years’ worth of sister materials. We are scholarly women on a scholarly mission, and the Book of the New Beguines will go to print, eventually, through the funds we collect from the fellowship program. In the meantime, anyone who joins the fellowship program gets a free downloadable pdf copy of the book, our sacred book, our guiding book.

sisters' book

For a complete explanation of the fellowship program, watch this thirteen-minute video of the Sisters telling you about the program and what it includes. Also, we will be posting and talking about the program every day on every social platform from here to ad nauseum . . . because we are super excited to finally be launching a program that has been two years in the making.

The Book of the New Beguines has thirteen sections. Every Book of the New Beguines will have the same structure – the same thirteen chapters. This one includes a marriage ceremony. The next will definitely include a burial service. Over time, the sisters will be bringing these books to the fire circle instead of the papers we now use for our moon ceremonies. The next book will cover the ceremonies and readings of the years 2019 through 2022 and will be published around 2024. In between each chapter, there are QR codes that light up music videos of the sisters at work.

see how sisters work

This fellowship program sprung as a response to demand that has been ignored for six years. The time is right to begin sharing our culture. It is time we have a platform that formally registers those interested in helping to grow the enclave and it is time we have a team standing by, ready to respond and activate that repository of human potential.

The fellowship program gives access to the database link that allows people to apply with us through a detailed questionnaire that Sister Quinn has developed. That link to put in your information is available on all three fellowship platforms. It is not necessary to join all three. Just chose one platform to join, they will all have the same basic information and share the same benefits, for the same price.

  1. Patreon
  2. Facebook Fan Subscriptions
  3. OnlyFans

All three of these platforms give an opportunity to support the sisters and get access to exclusive content, gifts and events for the low price of just only a dollar and a quarter per week ($4.99 a month). Every person who signs up for the fellowship program gets a free copy of our ‘not yet released to the public’, brand new, just off the press, Book of the New Beguines (in digital download format).

The fellowship program is where Sisterhood 2.0 will happen. This is how we will engage and unite our followers.

sisters keep working

The adventure of the Sisters of the valley is one of activism, adversity, and triumph. It is a legacy of going against the customs and laws to create another way. It is the story of the women who have fallen, and risen, and will not fall again.

Join us. We plan to nourish you, inspire you, delight you, challenge you, and honor you.

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