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Earn money with the Sisters . . . Join our Affiliate Program


If you always wanted to be involved in a cannabis business, or you’ve always wanted to be involved in a green business, or you’ve always wanted to be involved in a business that grows hemp, we are ready for you. You can find all three in our affiliate program and you don’ have to leave the comfort of your own home to earn a paycheck that is drafted on the account of the Sisters of the Valley.

You could make this your job, if you wanted to.

Our affiliate program is finally here and simply by spreading the good word about our products, you earn a commission. It might not be exactly the same as having your hands on the plant, but who knows? If you do well, you will be invited to come stay with us, and then you will have your hands on the plant!

How are purchases made through our affiliates program?

Purchases through our affiliate program are made using a special and unique link that is generated for the affiliate’s own distribution. This can be in the form of a banner inserted in emails or direct messages, or images with a hyperlink that the affiliate distributes to his/her/their contacts.

The special link must not be altered or the affiliate’s referrals will not be successfully recorded through the affiliate’s store account.

Where is the link located?

It’s under Your Account.

After you register and will be approved as an affiliate, a new section will appear in the bottom of your account page.

Click on the View Details link to find your unique affiliate link and banners. Your link should look similar to this, where XX is your unique affiliate ID.

How does the link work?

First, you apply to be an affiliate and then you use your link from the back of our store to share with your people.

You provide the special link and when it is clicked on, and that person then buys from our store, the Sisters of the Valley store will remember the user and associate that purchase with your affiliate account.

Once the completion of a successful transaction happens using your link, the details of that transaction will be logged for review internally. Once the review process has passed, the success or failure of the transaction will be posted to the affiliate’s page, along with the items purchased, the affiliate’s pay-out amount, and other related details.

The affiliate will receive a compensation of 10% of any net product sales (gross sales less shipping and taxes) of all qualified purchases that are generated by their referrals.

  1. A qualified purchase is one that does not have any issues with past fulfillment.
  2. All compensation is paid out in arrears on the 15th of the month following the sales activity month
  3. Once a person purchases a product, this will be recorded on the affiliate’s account page.
  4. Terms of Payment / Rights to Terminate
    The affiliate will be paid on all items that have a successful fulfillment with nocancellations or returns on that product after 45 days in a check transfer fromthe Sisters of the Valley. If chargebacks occur on sales after the 45-day period, the company has the right to hold back the commissions associated on any future pay-outs and if it happens frequently, the company has the right to terminate the affiliate’s rights to affiliate status.
    If an affiliate earns $600 in a calendar year from commissions, the Sisters of the Valley will be required to issue a 1099 for these earnings. All affiliates must register their tax id and address at the time of signing up to be an affiliate so that the Sisters have this information on hand when government reporting of income becomes a requirement.
  5. The affiliate agrees to the following:
    a. stay informed of any changes to the affiliate program by logging in periodically to read announcements
    b. represent the Sisters of the Valley at all times in a lawful and socially gracious manner.
    c. refrain from making any health claims about the products.
    d. guide and advise the consumers to do the following (1) find information about medicinal hemp using the Sisters blog, FAQ’s and the scientific papers and studies widely available, (2) experiment to find their own dosage and (3) continue to see their doctors.
    e. refrain from affiliating our name or business with any business or social media site associated with any and all illegal activities, and any and all activities or expressions of sex, violence, vice, graft, or hate speech.
    f. referring all issues related to product safety, dosages, warranties to
    g. making no claims to be an agent, employee or contractor of Sisters of the Valley, and making no claims to have a title that hasn’t been sanctioned.
    h.having special and privileged access to Intellectual Property or Materials that are solely owned by the Sisters of the Valley and the affiliate acknowledges said ownership.

    i. to being a citizen of the United States of America and lawfully allowed to earn income from this affiliate program.
    j. to refrain from using external agents, or processors outside of the United States of America.

The italicized bullets are lifted right out of the Terms and Conditions for being an affiliate for the Sisters. Just by reading this article, you have educated yourself to the terms and conditions and taken your first step in participating in spreading the Good Word in a compensation-making manner.

Sign up for the affiliate program.

Get your link and share it.

Make sure everyone who knows you understands that when they buy CBD using your link, they are sponsoring your missionary work for getting the Good Word to more people.

Make sure they understand that 10% goes to supporting your holy, healing calling.

Don’t think you can do it?

Browse our blog and read the articles. Go to the FAQs and read the questions and answers. Go to the media section and scroll. When you are done, you will know all you need to know to be an effective affiliate.

Many blessings,
Sister Kate


  1. Such a pity that this affiliate program is not available to people outside the US. I know that the benefits of CBD would be a huge success in Ireland.

  2. William Lennox

    Hi my name is William I suffer from knee joint pain can you suggest what’s best

    • Sister Kass

      Hi William. Thank you so much for taking an interest in us. I’ve heard from customers who also suffer from knee pain use our CBD salve. Our salve is good for muscle and joint pain. If you have any other questions, please email us at Have a great day.