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Side Effects of CBD Oil: Everything We Know


The Sisters have been working with CBD-consumers for nearly six years now. We have over ten thousand repeat customers. We have additional thousands of followers who are from the industry and therefore, do not necessarily buy from us (they make their own) but do show their support in many other ways.

When we began the business back in first quarter 2015, we diligently collected and reported on every single testimonial and every single response to our products. Even those who called us ‘liberal snowflakes’ for our politics, we kept their reports in our archives and we shared them with the world.

This year, thanks to help from the Small Business Administration, we were able to ‘level up’ in regard to our review management system and we hired Trustpilot to be the independent repository of customer feedback.

Here is a review that came in recently and it is typical of what people have to say about us and about our CBD products.

SotV has all I need for pain and mental wellness.

The CBD Oil I order from SotV has become a vital part of my everyday mental health care. Over the past 2 years of using this product, my moods are more level, my muscle pain is minimal, and I feel an overall sense of calm and wellness. Additionally, the salve is amazing for stopping muscle and joint pain. I use it after especially tiresome days at work for my neck and shoulders, and for my wrists, as well. The one or two times I’ve used the salve on my knee it has worked wonderfully. I will continue to use products from SotV and I actively encourage others to try the CBD oil and salve if they express a need.

Out of approximately six hundred reviews, we have zero reports of harmful side effects of CBD. Statistically speaking, CBD is helpful (at best) or benign (at worst). It is very galling that our TV’s display pharma ad after pharma ad, telling you in a quite normal calm voice that the drug they are pushing might kill you, or cause suicidal tendencies. But everywhere there is a conversation about CBD, the qualifiers must be present saying ‘we just don’t know enough yet’. Well, the Sisters know. We know absolutely that CBD is safer than McDonalds.

It is Safer than Eating McDonalds

It is safe to experiment with if you aren’t doing other toxic harmful things to your body. We’ve never had anyone tell us that the CBD interacted strangely with their pharmaceuticals, but we do tell people to proceed cautiously and listen to their bodies and their doctors, especially if they are taking complicated pharmaceuticals. For those who aren’t on complicated medical regimes, CBD is safe. It’s even safe for pets. The orange-flavored oil drops on the gums of teething infants. The topical salve on joint pains. The tincture drops for anxiety.

Feed Your Starved Endocannabinoid System

We have endocannabinoid systems that have been starved for three generations or more, and therefore, we are artificially creating new and exotic brain disorders and diseases, and we think those weird new diseases exist because of starved endocannabinoid systems and chemical poisoning of our food and water supplies. The CBD medicine does not cause harmful side effects and we tell our folks not to be afraid to take more CBD at the beginning and as one experiences wellness, they can taper off on the dosage. After all, one orange would not cure scurvy.

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Persistence and a Scholarly Approach Pays Off

Persistence pays off in experimenting with CBD. I have never taken three whole dropperfuls of tincture in my life, because I think that would put me to my knees! However, a young girl of thirteen years who suffered chronic and debilitating migraines taught me that she could make a full-on migraine go away with three dropperfuls (three teaspoons) of tincture and she could prevent them by taking ½ dropperful each morning. She learned that from experimenting. She found no need for the super-dose if she remembered to take her ½ dropperful in the morning.

Cannabis is NOT Medicine for All People

There is a small percentage of people in the world who have no physical or mental response to cannabis at all. We know firsthand that approximately 2% of those who try cannabis products, CBD or THC or something with a hybrid blend, get no reaction. We encourage people to report those incidences and if they bought CBD products from us, we give a full refund. We want to know.

Sometimes, the plant medicine does not work because the person doesn’t know how to find their own dosage. But we have definitely seen cases where people have no reaction, regardless of how much they up the dosage. That happens. Just like with other plants, just like with pharmaceuticals, not all people are served by all medicines.

CBD Does Not Make You Sick but Chemical Contaminants Do!

Impure CBD makes people sick. You will get sick if you take CBD that has contaminants in it. Any sickness reported by the media as side effects of taking CBD oil is because they were taking dirty CBD, so in that case, they are not evaluating CBD, they are evaluating the contaminants used to process the plant. Spray a little Round-up from Monsanto on your food and of course you are going to be sick.

Many top sources on google and ecosia search engines site diarrhea as a side effect of CBD. Those of us in the industry find that a ridiculous accusation as we know that any symptoms like diarrhea come from contaminants used to process the plant.

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You Can Overdose and Make Yourself Sick . . .

I’m pretty sure there’s someone in Big Pharma right now trying to die from a CBD overdose, by whatever means, so they can save their pill stocks. This article lists liver problems as a side effect and then admits that they force-fed mice gigantic amounts of CBD, so that is not a valid study.

Just like if you drank a keg of beer, or four bottles of wine, or took twelve lines of cocaine, you would get very, very, sick or die, so shall it be if you take thousands of times the normal dosage of CBD.

This article by Alphagreen references a study that concludes CBD is non-toxic and can easily be tolerated in quantities of 1,500 mg or less. Our highest dosage of CBD that we have heard from neurologists and doctors is 60 mg three times a day and that is for someone who is extremely ill. You can see that the level that it starts to be too much is nearly ten times what neurologists and doctors recommend for a severely ill patient.

We think CBD is a smart medicine, giving the patient whatever the patient needs. We have no proof of this, but when one gets equal numbers of people who claim the gelcaps help them sleep as the number of people who claim gelcaps help them get going in the morning, one must wonder. The article already referenced (above) by Alphagreen is a great source of overall information on CBD.

The bottom line is this:

Stick to a normal dosage and make sure you are consuming clean CBD and then there are no unpleasant side effects of CBD oil.

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