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Hemp Tea: A Successful Experiment


We have long been fans of roasted dandelion hemp tea and now, thanks to our relationship with a local farmer, we have hemp roots to experiment with. They were just delivered this past week.

For a brief minute, the Covid lockdown lifted and it was like a game of musical chairs until the gates closed again. One Sister shifted off the farm and two came to replace her.

We know of more than a few people who took the lifting of the shutdown as a clue to quickly change housing situations. I was impressed at how quickly it all happened and then even more impressed that the new young ones take their work so seriously.

We study together, as we believe our ancient mothers did. This summer, we are learning about hemp tea made, CBG, and Sublingual medicines. Stay with us and you can learn along with us. Perhaps you already know; we don’t claim to invent ancient wisdom.

This week, we made a deal with a local organic farmer and supplier of our CBD plant material, to create our own CBG strain for tea. We do grow our own here, but we only get enough out of the long-season crop to make one month’s worth of medicine.

The law limits what we do here.

Hemp Root Medicine

Thanks to a donation of roots from a local grower, we are able to begin experimenting with our own hemp tea.

Hemp root is dear to us because it is never plentiful. There is one root per plant, perhaps an ounce or two of root when the plant itself can give pounds of flower.

We never burn it or throw it away. We clean it, dry it, and make tea for ourselves. It’s a seasonal thing that happens with the harvest.

But now we have mid-summer hemp root and the promise of more to come from one of those big, twenty-acre farms, that our lawmakers bless.

They won’t allow small farms to grow hemp; not officially. Not yet. Keeping us forever the outlaw nuns. Sigh.

hemp roots in a bowl

Viola Brugnatelli wrote, in her article of June 2018, about the roots of the hemp plant . . .

“It has long been known that resinous cannabis flower tops are well endowed with medicinal components. But that’s not the only part of the plant that has been used for therapeutic purposes. Cannabis roots have also provided relief for various ailments in traditional cultures.

“The first mention of the curative qualities of cannabis roots dates back to 77 AD, as described in the Natural Histories by Latin naturalist Pliny the Elder. Since then, cannabis roots have been utilized by herbalists and physicians not only in Europe, but in many regions stretching from China to Argentina. Hemp roots were valued for treating a wide range of conditions, including fever, infections, gout, arthritis, joint pain, and even postpartum hemorrhage.

hemp roots

“Scientists are just beginning to recognize the healing properties of cannabis roots, which have largely been ignored both in research and in modern medical practice. The roots don’t contain aromatic essential oils and cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, which are concentrated in the plant’s tiny glandular trichomes on the flower buds. Instead, the roots are imbued with other compounds that may have significant therapeutic applications. In this article, we examine where the latest science and the historical evidence are starting to merge.”

The author goes on to discuss how the hemp root plant can fight inflammation, edema and swelling (as a topical). She explains how pounding the root into powder and mixing it with fat makes it an excellent skin inflammation and/or burn medicine. How the tea reduces fever and pain from child-birth and identifies the medicinal compounds in the plant that can be found nowhere else in nature.

Click here to read the full article.

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