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How to Use CBN for Sleep


According to the National Institute for Health, an estimated 50 to 70 million Americans have chronic, or ongoing, sleep disorders.  That’s one in five American adults suffering from on-going insomnia.  The sleep foundation says that it’s more like 40% and they are including, no doubt, the people who have insomnia episodically, versus chronically.

So why aren’t more people experimenting with CBN?

Sister Kass, the second-longest serving in the California order of sisters, has a theory:

I think people are hesitant to try it because it’s expensive, their health insurance doesn’t pay for it, and if it doesn’t work for them, they see it as a blown investment.  But we think that’s a shame because it is the healthy way to deal with good sleep, the only way I know of that doesn’t have you feeling morning after grogginess, the only way I know of that puts you to sleep within twenty minutes of taking it, just like a pharmaceutical sleeping pill, but with none of the negative side effects.  The one thing we could do to help is to create our ‘try it’ packets, where people don’t have to buy a whole bottle to see if it works for them.

The Sisters do extensive lab testing and self-testing of their products before they go to market and were very happy to have developed a ‘sleep only’ aide for those suffering from insomnia.   Together with Sub-Zero Extracts in Colorado, the CBN gelcap has what science says Is the most effective combination of compounds for sleep:  1:5 to 1:0 ratio of CBD to CBN, plus a dash of Delta 9 THC.  In each of the Sisters’ CBN gelcaps, there are 14 mg of CBD, 9 mg of CBN and ½ mg of Delta 9 THC, a golden combination for sleep.

Where does CBN come from?

The best article explaining CBN is from weedmaps and includes these two funny lines:

“This CBN weed is over four years old and aged to perfection.”

“If you’re having trouble sleeping, take advantage of the CBN in your poorly stored cannabis.”

CBN comes from aged, dried THC.  Not all the THC converts, but most of it does, naturally leaving only trace amounts of THC.

What is a normal dosage?

When it comes to plant-based medicine that has been ignored by science for all of the current era, it is incumbent on the people to find their own dosage. People vary in size and need and dosage charts don’t always account for that. Generally speaking, however, 14 mg of CBD with 9 mg of CBN and a trace of THC is the sleeping trifecta in one vegan gelatin capsule.

The chart shows how much of each compound you get in a CBN gelcap from the Sisters’ store. It also shows how much you get if you take two gelcaps, or three.

cbn dosage chart

Dosage is Based on Patient’s Size and Weight

One gelcap is effective for most people up to 150 pounds.  Larger people may need to take two gelcaps.  But even small people, like Sister Halla, has reported taking four of them for sleep when her anxiety was at its worse.  And she woke with no after effects the next day.  We believe one to two gelcaps will do the job for most people.

Commonly Agreed Upon Health Benefits

The Sleep Foundation lists eight health benefits of CBN, and we must all assume they are taking about a combination of CBN with CBD and a dash of THC, because that’s how it is made, unless one is talking about isolates, and then CBN, alone, would not be as effective in inducing sleep.

Top of the Sleep Foundations’ list of the benefits of CBN is inducing sleep, followed by pain management (again, the presence of CBD is important); boosting appetite, supporting the immune system, fighting inflammation, managing symptoms of ADD or hyper activity, slowing tumor growth, and treating glaucoma.  Sound familiar?  Many of the same things that we know CBD and THC do for promoting health happen while the body is at rest under the influence of the CBN gelcap.

Nearly half the suffering adult population has insomnia episodically and not chronically.  Those people (like many of the sisters) just need to have the bottle around ‘in case’.  For those who use CBN gelcaps as their go to insomnia-killer, they might like to know that the shelf  life of these gelcaps is eighteen months and that’s only because regulation requires putting a shelf-life on the bottle.  If they are kept in a cool dark cupboard without exposure to temperature extremes, they will still lose potency over time, but our shelf-life testing shows less than five percent per year.

Finding the Root of Your Sleeplessness

“When you bring a group of healing women together, they bring their healing stories.  That’s one of the joys of being in the Sisterhood,” said Sister Kate.  “We all have opinions about how to deal with sleeplessness and though we offer and use for ourselves the CBN / CBD / THC sleep combination in gelcap form, we are rather seekers of the root of the sleeplessness problem and when it comes to our own sisters, we encourage routine, schedules, exercise, good eating. But we also recognize that not everyone gets to have that, and those who do have it, often have that healthy sleep schedule interrupted by life.

“My mother called one day to tell me that her doctor told her to stop praying at night, before sleep,” recalls Sister Kate.  “The doctor told her that her prayers were the same as worrying and it causes insomnia and that she needs to pray in the mornings.”  Sister Kate said she was mighty impressed by that Midwest doctor who quickly got to the source of her mothers’ insomnia. 

Not everyone gets insomnia from praying, but everyone has trouble sleeping sometimes.  And the body needs sleep to restore.  The brain needs sleep so that the anxiety washes away and we have the courage to face another day. 

Take CBN as a Sleep Aid: Before Bed Time

CBN is meant for sleep, so it mustn’t be taken like it is regular CBD.  CBD alone can be taken during the daytime and will not induce sleepiness.  But CBN does induce sleepiness and therefore, its powers must be respected. 

Because there is limited research on the use of CBN, there are no research-based guidelines for using cannabinol as a sleep aid. Pay close attention to your body and adjust dosage based on your body’s reaction. 

How to Buy:
The Sisters offer their lab-tested gelcaps (tested for purity and potency) in bottles of 50 count, 100 count, and small ‘try it’ packets with ten gelcaps.

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