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Introducing CBD Tincture And Including Four Good Reasons to Keep a Bottle In Your Medicine Cabinet


Tinctures are as old as alcohol. Where there is alcohol, there is tincture. The dictionary definition of a tincture is ‘to draw the medicine from the plant using alcohol’. Many types of tinctures are used daily by people around the world. Dandelion tincture (and tea) is known to cleanse the liver. Skullcap tincture is known to calm the nerves. CBD tincture is meant to relieve pain and anxiety. The nature of the plant used defines the medicinal content of the tincture bottle. All use alcohol to draw the medicine from the plant.

CBD Oil vs. Tincture:  What’s the Difference?

Many people call oil drops ‘tincture’, erroneously. Companies that are in the health business even make this labeling mistake. If the medicine is drawn from the plant using coconut oil, though it is a worthy form of medicine, it is not a tincture. The correct term is ‘infused oil’ or ‘oil drops’; these are the more accurate descriptions of the process of drawing the medicine from the plant using coconut or olive or vegetable oils (the most common three).
The difference between the alcohol base and the infused-oil base is in how long it takes the medicine to work. With the alcohol, which is usually made with 120 proof to 150 proof grain alcohol and has a harsh bitter taste, absorption is immediate if squirted on or under the tongue. A similar dose of oil-drops will take up to ten minutes to get into the system.
The CBD tincture interferes with, interrupts, halts seizures in pets and people. Where the oil drops are what may be taken daily to prevent or reduce the number of seizures, the tincture is there to use to stop a seizure that has begun.
The fast-acting nature of the tincture makes it ideal for people who tend to suffer from panic attacks or extreme anxiety.

Usage of CBD Tincture

People who take a dose of CBD tincture daily to prevent panic attacks or migraines, might squirt the dose into their juice or tea in the morning.  Others, who don’t mind the harsh taste, may take it directly, undiluted.  The CBD Tincture is generally used either for anxiety and pain prevention, and to be used when pain and anxiety can’t be prevented.  Some for daily maintenance, more based on episodic need. 

People who struggle with alcohol addiction are advised to use the infused-oil drops.

Safety and Side Effects

If consuming less than a teaspoon (double-dose) every four hours, there will be no side effects.  Taking too much will cause all the effects of drinking too much, including sleepiness and impaired motor functions.  It is about safe doses, and a starting dose for most people is 1/4 to ½ teaspoon of tincture.  This is for tincture that has 1,000 mg of CBD in a two-ounce bottle, which contains twenty-four (24) one-half teaspoon servings of 40 mg each.  1/4th teaspoon dose is 20 mg of CBD each.

Finding a Quality CBD Tincture

Papa & Barkley’s and Sisters of the Valley are two companies that do routine responsible and transparent testing and reporting. You need to buy Papa & Barkley’s in a dispensary, but you can buy the sisters products from their store and have them mailed directly to your home.
Whomever you buy from, make sure they list their ingredients and make available recent lab test results for potency and purity.

What is so special about the Sisters of the Valley tincture?

  1.  Every batch is lab tested for potency and purity tests are run annually, or more frequently, if ingredients change.  All test results are available publicly on the Sisters’ store AND at the lab they use, www.sclabs.com (search under sistersofthevalley)  Test results are important, don’t buy a product that doesn’t have this information readily available and from a reliable lab that has no connections that cause a conflict of interest.  The Sisters have been working with SC Labs since they began in 2015.
  2. Every bottle and jar is made in a spiritual environment by the cycles of the moon.  Lab tests are labeled by the moon cycle under which the medicine was made.
  3. The Sisters are activists and missionaries for plant-based medicine, and against unnecessary human suffering.  The Sisters plant, harvest, and see their role as a sacred calling in getting the medicine from the earth to the people.
  4. The Sisters have hundreds of customers who have been relying on their CBD tincture for nearly a decade now and many testimonials available on www.trustpilot.com

Four Good Reasons to Keep a Bottle of CBD Tincture in Your Medicine Cabinet

  1. Tinctures act fast on a number of health issues, including tooth pain, anxiety, muscle or joint pain, migraine relief, seizure relief.
  2. If it sits in the cupboard a long time, it will not spoil.  It will be effective two years after purchase just as it is at purchase.  The alcohol preserves the medicine.
  3. It is a versatile form of the medicine and can be taken ‘straight up’ if there is a panic attack or seizure happening, or diluted in tea or juice if the better taste and slower reaction time is preferred.
  4. It is safe for children and pets, because the level of THC in every serving is practically null.  Note that trace amounts of THC are desirable in all CBD products as without it, side effects are felt.  It seems that nature doesn’t want mankind isolating the compounds in their totality.

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