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5 CBD Products by Sisters of the Valley to Try This Year


Inspired by the Beguines, the Sisters sustain their compassionate activism and community’s farm operations by making natural healing products for the people. Sisters of the Valley is one of the best CBD brands and can offer:

  • Product Quality and Purity: independent third-party lab testing of the products sold by this brand reveals precisely what is in the CBD product. 
  • Transparency: Third-party lab results are easy to view and find on the website, and the product pages are detailed. They list all ingredients, and the sourcing of the ingredients is clear. Information about the background and the company is comprehensive.
  • Reputation: The brand is well-known worldwide. The Sisters are known as experts in the cannabis field, and there are many positive reviews about the CBD products which are clearly shown on their websites. 
  • Customer Service: The Sisters provide the best customer services. The sisters answer every query presented to them. Products are delivered in a timely fashion. The company offers a generous refund policy. 
  • Value: The product is cost-effective, considering quality, potency and consistency from batch to batch.

In this article, you will learn about five Special CBD Products by Sisters of the Valley. All of these products can help you build your Power Blend for 2021. 

1. CBD Infused Oil Double Strength

Double Strength CBD Infused Oil in 2020 | Infused oils, Infused, Sisters

Contrary to the misunderstanding of many people, CBD oil does not have the intoxicating effects that THC manifests. CBD does not cause a person to get ‘high’. The Sisters CBD oil contains only the active ingredients that are good for healing and promoting health and most people get beneficial health results from adding CBD to their regimine.  According to scientists and the many customer reviews the Sisters have received over the years, CBD oil has excellent effects in treating and improving a wide variety of diseases due to the biochemical active ingredients.

Sisters of The Valley CBD-infused oil is made from high CBD hemp plant infused in liquid coconut oil Sisters of The Valley CBD-infused oil has trace amounts of THC. That means it is legal to use across all 50 states. CBD-infused oil Double Strength is 2x more concentrated than the original formula, containing approximately 1,000 milligrams of CBD per 2 ounce bottle.

2. CBD Salve & Seed bundle

cbd salve from Sisters of the Valley

There are many anti-aging products on the market today, but they are not as effective as skin care products that contain the Cannabidiol ingredient. CBD is known to be an  antioxidant, which purportedly helps slow aging, maintaining a healthy skin condition. Cannabidiol partly stimulates collagen production and prevents dehydration. It acts as an emollient that smooths rough cells on the skin’s surface and provides optimal moisturizing benefits. 

The Sisters’ topical salve was developed as a muscle and joint pain reliever and there are many reviews on trustpilot attesting to the efficacy in that regard.

This bundle comes with souvenir CBD plant seeds from the Sisters’ mother-farm in California.

The Sisters of the Valley CBD Salve & Seed bundle contains: topical salve, 12 seeds of the Big Bertha / Wee Bairn strain, a stick of palo santo wood for burning. The palo santo wood is used in prayer, cleansing and meditation. CBD topical cream is a topical or ‘rub-on’ salve with multiple uses, contains >250 mg of CBD per jar. It is made with hemp-based CBD, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and the Sister’s special blend of concentrate.

3. CBD Gel Caps

cbd gel caps from California's weed-nuns

If you are looking for an easy way to enjoy the pure power of hemp, then CBD Gel Caps are for you. Like all CBD, customers are reporting that they use it for anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, sleep-enhancing and pain management applications.

The CBD softgels are made of full extract pure plant oil from the cannabis/hemp plant. Soft-gels are easy to digest and more importantly provide for easy absorption of CBD into the body. The gelcaps are made from pure plant oil extracted by CO2 extraction techniques (cold water extraction) and have no additives or chemicals. Only after the gelcaps have been subjected to a full moon ceremony on the mother-farm, are they then bottled, labeled, sealed and sold. Each gelcap has a minimum of 25 mg of CBD. 

4. CBD Tincture

CBD tincture by Sisters of the Valley

The Sisters of the Valley CBD tincture and the original CBD-infused oils are essentially the same product but made with different bases. The CBD-infused oil uses a coconut oil base and has a milder taste. Meanwhile, the CBD tincture uses a 100% food-grade alcohol base and thus, tastes bitter. This bitter taste of the alcohol-based tincture helps it to act faster when dropped on the tongue.

Tincture by definition means drawing the medicine from the plant using alcohol. The Sisters use grain alcohol that is harsh-tasting to the tongue. For those who want immediate relief, that harsh taste helps with immediate absorption. For children, pets, the elderly, or anyone who would react negatively to the severe biting taste on the tongue, the tincture should be diluted with water, juice, or tea before ingesting.

5. Smoker’s Blend CBD Tea

CBD tea and a branded mug

The Sisters began offering the raw plant used for making salves and teas, for sale to customers as a response to popular demand. The Sisters encourage everyone to experiment with making their own teas and butter or cooking oils using this organic CBD plant. This is raw CBD from the hemp plant that is west-coast grown and harvested, and hand-shredded and blended by the Sisters in the central valley of California.


  1. Mario F. Osorio

    I am waiting to let me know when to order the cream I need to ease the pains on my knees ,hip and shoulder. I am suppose to get 25% of the regular price. Tell me how to order it and the price to pay. Thank you and may God bless you.

    • Sister Kass

      Dear Mario,

      Thank you so much for taking an interest in us. I am so sorry for the delay in response. With this being said, please contact support@sistersofcbd.com and Brother Elias will be more than happy to help you complete your order. Have a wonderful day.

      Sister Kassidy