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Mud Wtr Alternative: Sisters’ Super 17 Mushroom Coffee


Mood-stabilizing food and mood-stabilizing drinks became the subject of much interest while the sisters were on lockdown. 

Top of the mood-stabilizing world, it seems, is not ‘getting high’, although, we wouldn’t argue it has its place.  But CBD and cannabis have very temporary effects, while getting the right functional mushrooms into your system in a familiar easy way, putting it in your diet regularly, is a down-payment on serenity.  

I don’t want to pick on Mud Wtr because I am a big fan of their product.  But we did create a great Mud Wtr alternative and I’d like to share why Super 17 is different.

I like the taste of Mud Wtr, but we know for sure it doesn’t have three important ingredients the Sisters require in their daily health regime:  turkey tail mushroom, shitake mushroom, and ashwagandha root.

We developed a mushroom coffee that has those important ingredients, in order to make it a one-stop morning ritual with no fuss or pills or supplements to take side by side.  Those are important ingredients to us because we have taken them in supplement form or in powdered form in smoothies and we know first-hand their health benefits are real. 

Mud Wtr Ingredients VS Super 17

The chart below gives a side-by-side assessment of the Super 17 ingredients and the Mud Wtr ingredients. 

Ingredients comparison

Mushroom Coffee is generally comprised of these categories:

  1. Cacao (cold pressed, unheated, raw cocoa)
  2. Black Tea
  3. Mushrooms
  4. Roots 
  5. Spices

Super 17 and Mud Wtr share the same ingredients when it comes to Cacao, Black Tea and Spices, but where Super 17 differs is in having 1/3 more mushrooms and 1/3 more roots.  

In case you are wondering, the difference between ‘cocoa’ and ‘cacao’ is in the processing of the plant.  Cocoa is heat processed and may contain fillers.  Cacao is all cocoa bean, cold-pressed, pure bean, never heated or processed in any other way.

In the following chart, you see all the mushroom ingredients in the Sisters’ Super 17 mushroom coffee blend.

Mushrooms in Super 17

 The other one below is showing the mushroom ingredients in Mud Wtr.

Mushrooms in MudWtr

Why Extra Mushrooms Are Important

Here are five well-known health benefits to taking Turkey Tail:

  1. anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and/or anti-inflammatory
  2. antioxidant (anti-aging)
  3. improves immune system
  4. improves stomach health
  5. reduces the risk of cancer / fights cancer cells

And here are nine well-known health benefits to having Shitake mushrooms in your diet:

  1. aides in weight loss or weight stability
  2. anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and/or anti-inflammatory
  3. improves brain health, focus & cognition
  4. improves heart health
  5. improves immune system
  6. improves stomach health
  7. improves skin and teeth health
  8. neuro-protective
  9. reduces the risk of cancer / fights cancer cells

Roots Make A Difference

Mud Wtr has two roots that the Super 17 also has, turmeric and ginger root.  Super 17 alone has Ashwagandha root.

Roots Comparison

Why Is Ashwagandha So Important

Ashwagandha root provides the following health benefits:

  1. aides in weight loss or weight stability
  2. pain relief for muscles and joints, promotes bone health
  3. alleviates depression
  4. anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and/or anti-inflammatory
  5. improves brain health, focus & cognition
  6. improves cholesterol levels
  7. improves heart health
  8. improves immune system
  9. improves stomach health
  10. improves skin and teeth health
  11. neuro-protective
  12. reduces the risk of cancer / fights cancer cells

The health benefits chart below shows which ingredients Super 17 has and what they do, as well as points out which ones are missing from Mud Wtr.  

If you love your Mud Wtr, you can always take ashwagandha in a capsule supplement, as we used to do before we discovered our own blend that made it unnecessary.  

Mushroom Coffee Health Benefits Based On The Ingredients

How Mud Wtr Alternative Tastes

We all remember having our first cup of coffee bean coffee, and how it had to be all doctored up with milk and sugar. 

Both Mud Wtr and Super 17 can taste awful or wonderful, depending on how you make it.  Like ‘finding your own dosage’ with our CBD products, you have to find your own recipe with Mushroom Coffee

There are some suggested recipes in this article

Product Selection and Prices

The chart below summarizes the differences between the Sisters’ selection of products and what Mud Wtr offers (I really like their optional newspaper!)

Mushroom Coffee Product choices

It appears that Mud Wtr makes their own frother kits or has someone do it, and there is no doubt that their starter kit is less than half the price of the Super 17 starter kit.  We think the differences are these:

  1. Super 17 kits are made from Basecent, the top frother maker in the industry and from reviews on Mud Wtr, the only complaints they get is on their frother kits.
  2. Super 17 kits come with three wands, Mud Wtr with two wands
  3. Super 17 frother kit contains something Mud Wtr doesn’t provide, a very classy matching silver decanter.

Super 17 price per serving of the actual mushroom coffee (frother wand starter kits aside) comes in at $1.01 to $1.12 per serving, depending on whether you buy a 10 oz tin or a 20 oz pouch.  So you get a better bang for your buck with Super 17, although you might want to shop for your own frother kit and just start with the ten-ounce tin.  The Mud Wtr mushroom coffee is $1.11 to $1.33 per serving.

Mud Wtr doesn’t provide the percentage of each ingredient, but the Sisters have a chart that provides that information for their Super 17 blend.

Super 17 Ingredients

You can see from the chart above that in the Super 17 mix, mushrooms make up approximately 1/3 of the ingredients.

Functional mushrooms are a new frontier and we hope we get lots of feedback and guidance from our customers as they have always played a big hand in forging us forward.

So try the Super 17 Mushroom Coffee – a great Mud Wtr alternative today and let us know your thoughts.


  1. I don’t drink coffee. Is this something a non-coffee drinker would like? I love tea.

    • Sister Kate

      Yes, it is meant to be a coffee replacement. Some of us still put coffee in, though.

  2. Dee Rinebold

    I wish I had the ability to have or buy a sample size just so I know if I’d love it or hate it. Is this a possibility.

    • Sister Kate

      We are working on a box of maybe 10 or 12 single servings, and that would be less expensive than anything we have now. Coming soon.