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CBD and Covid 19 – How to Protect Your Lungs


Covid hit America with a vengeance in March of 2020.  Four months later – in July of 2020, Forbes magazine reported on the efficacy of CBD for treating Covid 19 symptoms.  In October, a mere three months later, Health Europa reported on how CBD protects lungs under attack by the virus.  In January of 2021, ten months into America’s lockdown, Health Europa published another update to their findings relative to CBD treating Covid 19, confirming the earlier conclusions that the medicinal hemp plant is beneficial in treating and preventing lung damage.  

If you know anything at all about us, you know that we care about human suffering.  However, you might not know that if human suffering was a degree, our emphasis is on the women.  We just happen to believe that in any society, if you raise up the women, if you take care of the women, the men and children will benefit.  They will be raised along with the women.  The women leave no child or man behind.  The women are not going to treat themselves with medicine and ignore the suffering of those around them. That happens under the patriarchy, but we hold great hope that under the rule of women, that will never happen.

Suffering and CBD have successfully mated during the Covid era.

We all need to find another way to talk about CBD.  It is more sensible to use the terms ‘medicinal hemp’ or ‘CBD plus’ because the trials, the science, the discussions, are not based on isolated CBD.   Although most of the articles released to the public don’t specifically say so, the normal medicine available on the market is full-spectrum.  Isolates are not the norm for consumption.

Most refer to the plant or plant infusions as ‘whole plant medicine’, meaning, the medicine is either pure oil from or infused oils and tinctures from plants that are predominantly CBD, but also have CBC, CBG, and perhaps up to seventy or more other medicinal compounds.

CBD Protects the Lungs

Scientists are in agreement that CBD (et al) protects the lungs during a Covid attack.  The medicinal properties of the hemp plant reduce the potential for lung damage caused when peptide levels drop.   CBD normalizes levels of a particular peptide named apelin, which is known to reduce inflammation (health Europa). The evidence is strong that CBD plus can be successful in fighting any acute respiratory attacks on the lungs. (Forbes)

CBD Reduces Suffering

Scientists also agree that CBD (et al) reduces suffering.  It benefits those suffering from the virus by reducing discomfort and mitigating the painful symptoms.  Women get the symptoms worse than men, it has been reported.  CBD acts as a pain reliever and CBG acts as an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory.  The topical salve, people report, when applied to the entire arm after vaccination results in alleviating most or all of the arm pain.

No one recommends smoking medicinal hemp to get the health benefits.  That’s counter-intuitive to lung health.  There are many ways the medicine is available today, including teas, tinctures, oil-drops and gelcaps.

Most of our products have five medicinal compounds that register high enough to be listed on the labels:  CBD, delta 9 THC, CBDA, CBC and CBG.  SC Labs gives the four medicinal compounds that register the highest either in % or in milligrams per gram.

The chart above shows that all our products have CBD (first column).  THC was set in the second column and generally, all our products register a trace amount of delta THC.  Then half the products on the list have CBDA and half registered CBG.  The science is new.  Delineations between the medicines are rather unclear at this stage, but we have great faith in science and that these compounds will be isolated and further studied.

CBDA curative and pain-relieving properties are so close to CBD that I just lumped the two together.  These compounds are known for a wide range of healing effects and pain mitigation, mood enhancer, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, known to be an adaptogen – giving your body what it needs.  Sleep at night, if you are tired, wakefulness if you need that in the morning.   CBD and CBDA are known to be anti-bacterial, neuro-protective, promote bone growth, reduces seizures and convulsions, reduces blood sugar levels, reduces risk of artery blockage, alleviates nausea and slows bacterial  growth.  It is even known to speed up healing of skin burns, rashes and psoriasis.

From the chart included, you can see that our gelcaps have the most CBD, our tea has the most THC (although, still under the .3% that qualifies it as hemp).  Our tea also has the most amount of CBDA and the gelcaps have the most amount of CBD and CBG.

This article has two excellent charts that help explain what is going on relative to these medicinal compounds.  One chart shows you the different compounds you get from raw plant, heated plant, and aged plant.  One shows the medicinal uses for the different compounds.

We are only just beginning to understand this complicated plant.  Although we’ve gotten much smarter, we are still far away from understanding the entourage effect one gets from the mixture of these compounds.  Or maybe I should say that differently.  Many of us only understand the mixture of compounds; we have only experienced the entourage effect and now, with the help of science, the elements are being broken down so we can understand the individual compounds.

We are grateful to be living in an age where an understanding of this intelligent, cooperative, collaborative plant has gained the respect and interest of the scientific community.  We are simple women, but we have come to believe that along with following the guidelines for wearing our masks, washing our hands, and social distancing, a dose of hemp-based medicine a day keeps the covid away.  

When You Go for Your Covid Vaccine

We have it on good authority that after you get your Covid 19 vaccine, if you slather your arm from top to bottom with CBD salve, you won’t experience the arm soreness.  We aren’t scientists and we haven’t seen or read or executed a controlled study, but that’s the word on the street.  


  1. Audra Brown

    I love your oils and tinctures. I have fibromyalgia with chronic fatigue and shjogrens disease. All auto immune disease after receiving the T dap booster at 50!! After reading your great article about the lungs, I’m wondering if you feel the tea will give me some energy as the chronic fatigue is my greatest issue no matter how hard I push myself? Yours in love and light,
    Audra Brown
    PS my intuition is telling me I need the gel caps and the tea. I also have a problem with C02 extraction as I react to the C02! Looking forward to wise women’s words.

    • Remember, Audra, that if you try anything from our store, and you don’t get desirable results, just report it to and they will issue a full refund. We don’t want you to take the financial risk and don’t want you to be afraid to experiment.

      Many blessings.

  2. Ellen (Sadie)

    Hello Sisters!
    I just wanted to let you know that you are absolutely on the right track as far as using CBD Salve to avoid arm pain after receiving the CO-19 vaccination. I had the first of the two shots almost three weeks ago. It is advised to not take any preventative measures for pain/swelling before the shot so I didn’t. It was given at 10:40 am. By 5 pm a little pain was beginning. I applied your CBD salve all around the area and within the hour there was no more soreness and that was it… further soreness at all. A few days ago i read your email regarding when/how to apply CBD salve after the shot. Your earlier teachings let me know that I was already on the right track in using the salve to avoid possible after effects of the vaccine. Thank you so much Sisters! Many Blessings!

  3. Peggy Jo Adams

    My husband has been cured of pancreatic cancer by a medical cannabis protocol. He’s been alive for almost seven years after being given a 3-6 month life expectancy. We have been using the salve ever since we found it while searching the internet. I started buying the double strength oil for him about 3 years ago. He takes it under his tongue every morning. He was exposed to covid right before Christmas and I’m very happy to say he didn’t get it. I credit the CBD oil for that!

    • Sister Kate

      Peggy Jo, that’s a most outstanding review of our products. Can you find us on trustpilot and actually review us there? Then I could share your quote . . . people should know, but we aren’t allowed to say anything that could be construed as a claim. So we simply share the words of our faithful customers. Many blessings to you and your husband. Long live you both. 🙂